Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Sister, The Indie Darling

Check this out. Molly starred in a film that her friend, Colin, a student at R.I.S.D, made last year. Apparently, it is getting some recognition and they are going to NYC to some festival or whatnot. Her boyfriend Noah, wrote and performed the sdtrk.

Wonderful Country


Laura said...

very cool.

Michaela said...

I watched the trailer... Where do I find the full-length version?

Kelly Carlisle said...

The full length version is not online but I am going to try to snag a copy to watch over christmas.

Michaela said...

I would love to see it if you do have it at home.

Denise said...

wow - looks very intereting and Molly is a natural. Hope we get to see it sometime! You sisters all have that wholesome beauty - twinkling eyes and beautiful smiles - lovely, lovely young women!!!! (take after your lovely Mom!)


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