Friday, February 6, 2009

still life with hula hoop

I have a dorky little secret. Today, instead of putting away the puffins, steel cut oats and sweet potatoes above, I hula hooped. 

Every day (for a week now) when I let Ez watch a half hour of PBS kids, I crank up the hip hop station I am carefully designing on Pandora and I hula.  There is only one spot in our house that accommodates my large hoop. And I mean "spot".  If I very carefully hula between the desk and the couch I won't hit anything or anybody (mostly). I have to do it while Ez. is watching PBS  or he won't be able to play in the living room. That means I have to use headphones. So I am technically tethered to the computer while I hula. So... I hold the wire of the headphones up above my head and and very carefully get it spinning.  Then I continue to hold it so it won't get tangled. If it were possible for me to have any less pride I would show a photo of me in the act.
It makes me happy and it is helping me get in shape, I hope.

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Rebecca said...

It made *me* happy to read this!


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