Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Messy Life

Things that have spilled in house today...
2 cup mason jar of blueberry smoothie- Henry, am 
coffee-Matty, am (did not witness this but it happens every morning)
1 cup of yogurt...me, pm
snow...all of us all day (tracking into house counts as a spill)

Things that have caused me to feel overwhelmed today...
my two new ESL students, whom I already adore, both crying on a day when a family is visiting preschool
Julia covering bathroom sink in brown paint, while two new ESL students are crying, during family visit time. 
trying to secretly work on Henry's quilt 
deciding what to make for dinner, oatmeal anyone?
trying to figure out how to get Henry to stop playing so he can do his eye exercises.

Conclusion: How do those parents who work full time outside the home and schedule extracurriculars for their kids, keep their heads from spinning? 

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