Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ms. Fancy Pants goes to school or Rash Blues

I have an enormous rash around my neck.

I have so much reading to do it is unbelievable. And my speedy reading abilities don't help much because, I was unaware that Special Ed. research is written in a foreign language known as acronymish. So, 12 pages of dense-ish meta-analysis yields more rash and 2 pages of definitions for me. But really I am happy. I am very interested in what I am reading. And the rash is due to Matt's broken backpack rubbing against my shoulders for 4 miles (to and from cafe) and then me scratching it like a crazy woman while I read. Oh and the other rash is poison ivy on my hands and arms. The good news is my mouth sores have mostly healed. Sorry for all the grossness. I have to share. I promise I won't mention mouth sores ever again in this blog. But if you have any problems with acid in your mucous membranes, get thee to a health food store and get some DGL (diglycerinhizinated licorice). I know I spelled it wrong but the folks at the store will understand.

Sorry this post is sort of wack. I am going to try to post once a week and I will do my darndest not to post about OHI, NAEP, ESEA, RTI, NLTSZ SEELS, rashes or the oral issues I have had.

I promise.

I am loving school. I think I will survive it. Matt has been super peachy about doing all the cooking and much of the dishes and letting me disappear to read for hours. So um, I have to read some more now. ciao!


Emily said...

i love that you love school. and, i love your new blog header. and, i need to go to bed.
xo e

Maggie B said...

hey ms. fancy pants. i'm sorry about the rash and doubly sorry about not getting back to you sooner. i'm in the valley and about as settled in as a last semester senior can settle. i would love to see you and the boys/ am very interested in rigging up a regular babysitting schedule. i'm available afternoons on mon and wed; mornings on tues and thurs; all day on fri. let me know what works best for you. also! if you ever find yourself studying to the lonely student blues, pray call! i'd love to coffee shop it with you, get a study party going. i have extra earplugs...

Kelita said...

Sounds awesome. It has been confirmed, for all interested parties, that my mystery rash that now covers my whole neck and upper half of my chest is poison ivy. I am on the Scary Prednisone. But it could be worse. Luckily it is not on my face or in my eyeballs.

I will def. call you for studying and babysitting. I just have to get into the swing of things. So far, Sat. and Sunday mornings find me nerding out at Amherst coffee. Join me there anytime. I walk there and try to arrive by 8:30-9.

Sarah said...

Kelly, so excited for you and can't wait to hear more about it, you are going to be an awesome teacher!
sorry about the poison ivy! so lame, hope it clears up quickly!!

Kelita said...

Thanks! Say hi to the belly for me!


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