Saturday, September 19, 2009

News from Lake Woe is Me

Jewel weed for poison ivy relief

I am not here to complain. I am here to celebrate and publish the fact that Matty, dear soul that he is, washed everything in our house, wiped down the kids shoes, washed everything made of fabric that is anywhere in our house, made me a sandwitch and then took the kids to a corn maze. So that I could lie in bed, not scratch the new poison ivy rash covering my inner elbows and hip (the one that has been blossoming since I started prednisone), blow my nose ( I am a preschool teacher) read some of the many pages and write more of that paper due Monday (for my fearsome legislation and policy class, Annie, how did you do it).

And good news... Jewel weed, ya know, the one with the pretty cone shaped pale orange flowers and the seed pods that explode with a touch of your finger, does seem to be helping my itching subside. I broke open the stem and rubbed it all over my new rashes.

I am no longer a stress case. It is official. I can do nothing but laugh at how my physical self has become a perfect storm of sickness at the same time that I start school. It is hilarious.


Lauroral said...

Oh Kelita, Thanks to Matthew and Jewel weed. You are going to rock that legislation paper! XO

Nana Deb said...

Sweet Kelly!
With the wonderful help and support of Matt and your friends you will continue to succeed...You are so blessed. Just keep smiling and know that all will work out.Love you sooo very much.

Nana Deb said...

Go Kelly! With Matt by your side and Friends to fill in the little spaces of need you will undoubtedly succeed. Love you so very much! Mom

amfamf said...

I'll write your paper if you can help me figure out my current nursing problem.... JK (about writing the paper)

gferrari said...


Your are an inspiration!!! Keep up the great life you are living with your beautiful family.

I have officially added your blog to my new Google reader account. I have also started my own blog and it is in its infancy stages. Anyway you can find a link to the blog on my website,

Love from your brother in law


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