Wednesday, September 9, 2009

vintage gift, new gift

Japanese porcelain equivalent of a hug...

If you come to tea at my house, I promise you can use whichever one you choose.

Dawn and co. returned a few days ago and they very sweetly presented us all with gifts. These four vintage tea bag holders are so darling and cheerful. I don't have the time or prowess it takes to scour thrift stores and antique stores for items like this; it is all the more special to me when friends do that work for me. And, somehow when I unwrapped these beauties they reminded me of something even more important. They reminded me that cozy Fall and dreadfully long Winter are on their way and consequently my traditional afternoon cup of Earl Grey/Green or flowery Jasmine or just plain black (I do love my Awake tea) are eminent. And that is a wonderful tradition. And everything will be ok. And the hives on my cheek and stress canker sores in my mouth (Molly and I seem to become acidic with stress) are going away. And, really, all will be okay.

And, speaking of gifts, I received the book that I WON in the mail. Bend the Rules with Fabric, a book written by one of my heroes, Amy Karol. This book is so incredibly fun and smart and fresh and fabulously inspiring. I love that her voice is so alive in these books. There are so many projects I want to tackle: the whole cloth quilt, the tote bags and well nearly everything in the book. But I suppose I will have to wait until Christmas break!

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