Saturday, September 26, 2009

backyard mini-utopia

Sometimes, and I really mean rarely, I astonish myself with my parenting brilliance. Such was the case a few afternoons ago when both Matt and I were exercising our scholarly rights and the children were being, well, children. One of those comic book lightbulbs crackled above my head. Plastic dinosaurs+ messy late summer rock and fern garden+water +two fidgety boys =fun times. I gave the boys license to carefully play in my haphazard fern and rock garden in the back. They made watering holes out of shells, stacked rocks became caves and cliffs, chunks of driftwood became bridges and the tub of plastic dinosaurs came out to play (as did a few neighborhood children). Dinoland is still being utilized days later.

To completely change the subject...I am thrilled that it is officially time for cozy (and easy) dinners. A bunch of our CSA veggies, chopped and roasted with salt and o. oil and a crusty loaf of bread = a Fall dinner around here. I can take a 15 min.break from writing a position paper on Inclusion and have dinner completely prepped and in the oven.


Denise said...

love the photos! I wanna play too....looks like the Land before Time and Honey I shrunk the Dinosaurs mixed together. And your food photos look like they belong in a culinary magazine - so colorful and yummy looking. Glad to "read" that you all are doing so well.

Sarah said...

that looks yummy, I am so jealous of the fall weather, I am just dying to bake and cook, but it is still too hot to turn on oven or stove!
Also curious what your inclusion paper was about, was it whether or not you agree with inclusion?

Kelita said...

HI Aunt Denise, Haven't heard from you in awhile! Hope all is well.

My paper was pro-inclusion, but I must say that being a beginner and all and not knowing anything about implementation or the practical aspect of it... I am not sure how I feel about it. I just had to pick a position. I think that inclusion is ideal and that it should be our goal but not at the expense of the students and I do think it benefits everyone if it is done well but it probably demands more of the educator....How do you feel about it?

Jen said...

Omigod, I used to LOVE playing with dinosaur toys. Dinosaurs were my first love, even before dogs. Your photos brought back a lot of good warm memories. :o)



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