Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hodge podge mish mosh tchachke

Imade two cakes today. Two of mayamade's apple cakes.Totally scrumptious, despite the fact that I only had coarse sea salt and was too lazy to pulverize it completely and so some bites were a bit... um... salty.

I have calmed down a bit about Henry. His teacher and I have been emailing a lot and I think I have a better handle on how he is doing. And I think he will be okay?

I am accepting applications for live-in nanny positions for the month of November. The pay is nil, the room and board is pathetic but your reward is that when you move out in November your life will look so much more peaceful, easy and quiet.

This morning ezra had a superfit. One new word, that belongs to him is superfit. And it has little to do with cardiovascular health except that it does expend some energy. It was right before I left for work. It is so ironic that as I am fighting back guilty tears thinking of him and his superfit, I am holding someone else's 3-4 yr. old. Messed up. Luckily I can call his teachers and have them reassure me by telling me that they are going to cuddle with him in a rocking chair at nap time and that he is smiling and laughing as we speak.

Today I went to the Eric Carle museum. and saw some gorgeous original paintings, drawings etc. of Tomie DePaola's, whom I love. Which made me want to paint or make something. And so I made cake. With some chunks of coarse salt.


Nana Deb said...

Ezra-wonderboy of fits. Excels at fits. Uses fits as he sees fit. Absolutely adores his mother. Mom absolutely adores her son. Hmmm.
Nice fit. Not to worry.

Kelita said...

Keep drinking that coffee mom...thanks xo


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