Tuesday, October 13, 2009

therapy scarves

White linen that I plan to draw on and blue homespun

This morning Henry crawled into bed with me and whispered that he didn't want to go school anymore, it was too hard. Sometimes his teacher gives him a mean look because he can't pay attention and he tries so hard to pay attention but it is so difficult. He says there is too much hard work.

Well, what do you think I thought about all day?

It is hard enough trying to convince myself that I did not do anything stupid while he was growing in the womb and that the 24 hours of labor and the 3 days of NNICU and all of that wasn't my fault. Maybe it isn't, maybe it is, but there is nothing I can do to change it. What really tortures me is that right now I don't know what to do. Is he doing okay in school? Are his teachers and therapists doing all they can to help him? Should we change his I.E.P? Should I try to send him to private school? Will his vision ever get better? Will reading ever be easy, and what about sports? Should we do more therapy? I don't know. All I can do is go online and read what research I can find. And guess. And guess.

And go to JoAnn fabrics, buy some yardage, tear it up into scarves and fray the edges. Because I don't have time to be any craftier than that.

In other, lighter news. we went to a really lovely wedding. And we went apple picking and saw lots of family this weekend....

I do not love this photo of me but the boys look cute.


Susan said...

OMG! Is he turning / has he turned into a beautiful boy / young man! (?) How tall he seems to be and while he may struggle in some things he excels in other things that others will only wish they were good at as they become adults. Do not get down on yourself because you and Matt have raised a beautiful family.

And you look lovely in that photo next to two dapper boys who love their mama.

Kelita said...

Thanks Sus...We miss you!

Nana Deb said...

oh my...
You look absolutely lovely and the boys are so incredibly handsome.
Okay, Ezra is being Ezra - it's what makes him Ezra. And Henry is intelligent, sensitive, etc. You know...You and Matt are great parents...don't be so hard on yourselves and please - when you rise in the morning the first thing you should do is smile. Smile at those precious faces no matter what they are doing, saying, etc. Because you are so truly blessed with two wonderful, energetic and loving little boys.
By the way, I love you too.


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