Sunday, October 25, 2009

Work in Progress

This is a silhouette painting of our depressed fig tree. As soon as we bring it in in the Fall it begins to lose leaves. In the Spring it perks up again.

I like to call anything I do a W.I.P, it really alleviates any pressure I might feel about getting it right the first time.

I went to Emily's Autumn potluck last night. Nicole was there too. Lots of kids were running around, there was pumpkin carving and home brew and lots of yummy food and it was so nice to meet some of Emily's other friends. I came home inspired to do something other than read legislation/research and articles on literacy development. So today while the kids were running in and out of the sunshine and playing with sticks, I broke out the acrylics. I layered three silhouettes in different colors on top of each other. I think the colorway with this babe is off. I can paint over it easily though.

P.S Watched "Cheri" last night, starring Michelle Pfieffer and Rupert "absolutely scrumptious" Friend. It was delightful.


Emily said...

*Loved* that you guys came yesterday. Thanks for bringing delicious green salad. Let's get E and L together for some play soon. Maybe this Friday afternoon?

a golden apple said...

Really happy to meet you yesterday. As you can see, I came home and got up to date and became a follower because I LOVE your writing and am so inspired by your painting and now want to figure out when I can paint a beloved shadow- maybe I should stick my sewing machine in the slanting autumn light. Maybe next autumn. I too need to delete some lyrics from the memory banks, but, alas, they're tenacious little buggers.

Kelita said...

Oh my Gosh. Thanks! I am a fan of yours too! And when I am not a poor grad. student I am gonna be sporting some of your gorgeous knits and drinking some of your hard cider. I suppose I won't have to wait to graduate for the cider...

Jen said...

Great painting Kel!!



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