Friday, October 2, 2009


Drawing Courtesy Of Molly, Divine Miss M. Carlisle

This is Velma.
She wants you to enjoy your weekend.
She thinks you should probably make some soup.
Go apple picking.
Spend time with your children.
Sit down and draw some monsters with them and cover the kitchen wall with creepy pictures.
She thinks you should rethink your ambivalence concerning scented candles, they can be sort of cozy.
If you find the right, light scent.
Drink some hot spiced tea.
Bake some cornbread and make a pot of chili.
Ignore the rainy forecast. Go for that walk anyway.
Re-pot that houseplant, maybe it is a succulent, that is still sitting in a pathetic green plastic container.

In case you haven't guessed that is what my weekend looks like, except I will also be reading a lot of stuff for school and working on a paper.

Happy Weekend!

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Kelita said...

To The Person whose comment I erased: SORRY! I did not even get to read it. My finger somehow slipped? Feel free to comment again.


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