Saturday, January 9, 2010


I recently came to the conclusion that my desire for another bookshelf was well substantiated. With an ever-growing collection of beautiful children's books and Matt and I both in grad. school (will we ever leave?), piles of books are growing and growing, at an alarming rate. So I asked Matt, told Matt that I would love a new IKEA bookshelf, I even had a specific series in mind. SLAVEG or HALPSEK or BLOMKVIST or LAMNERG or something, I think. But we both agreed it would be more responsible to buy something used.

SO, I made pizza for the kids on Friday. Heather came over with her kids and they all watched Tarzan together.

AND Matt came home from the Friday auction with 2 MIRRORS and 2 CREDENZAS. Which reminds me of stories my mom likes to tell of my dad going grocery shopping for the basics and coming home with 10 loaves of white bread (which my mom never let us eat) and a jumbo pack of pink scented toilet paper (because they were on DEEP sale) and we could go another week without leafy greens, eggs and milk.

One of the credenzas remains on our miniscule front porch because we can't find room for it. The other has become the home for our t.v and very happy fig tree. AND it's a great credenza. Great in the previous sentence means "has lots of character". Matty and I separately came to the conclusion that it looks like it belongs in a rectory. It is so very 1960s nativity. But it is solidly built and it got a few books off of the floor.


Emily said...

ooooo. i like it! it has modern sensibility, don't you think?

Kelita said...

Yes. It has some sort of modern sensibility... and it was 10 dollahs, very sensible.

Sarah said...

It is beautiful! What a great find. I love to story of your dad coming home with 10 loaves of white bread.....


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