Sunday, January 24, 2010

s c h o o l

It has begun.
This semester I will be immersed in the study of Learning Disabilities, Teaching Math to Students with Learning Disabilities and The Family of the Special Needs Child. I am soooo excited about these classes. I can't say enough about my advisor, professors and this program. I am so inspired and um... inundated already. And if anyone wants to talk about these subjects let me know. I could go on and on. You know how I do that.

Just wanted to let you know that I won't be around the blog quite so much until May when I will garden, play, cook, craft, read and blog in earnest. Until then I will do my best to keep my small and I like to imagine, devoted readers abreast of my daily inspirations and struggles and yes, calories of interest.

And now it is time for chocolate and Masterpiece theatre...


Denise said...

Were you watching Emma? I couldn't wait for the games to be over and Bob to hit the hay so I could turn the channel!! I love to hear your enthusiasm for your classes - God speed for a healthy, enjoyable semester!

Kelita said...

Yes, I am enjoying it too. I always gat a tad skeptical when someone does another Austen adaptation but I am impressed so far. DId you see Cranford returns and Cranford? If you didn't, go rent them, so sweet! I love Elizabeth Gaskell.


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