Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new cookie love and new faces

2 bits of important news

1. We found a new cookie recipe that yields outstanding cookies, cornflake and oatmeal chocolate chip, dense and crispy in a pecan sandy meets shortbread kinda way but with bits of cornflake and oatmeal, wow.

2. Ezra has been drawing a ton lately and he has his own style of portraiture that I think is quite expressive and sophisticated for a 4 yr. old. I love that both of my boys love to draw. But I am not sure they ever had a choice in the matter.

No, the bloke on the right is not happy to see you, he is carrying a "dagger".


Mary Effing-Poppins said...

I noticed Ezra's talent at drawing faces on Roses' birthday card. And OMG, LOL about the dagger. That kid is a boy, through & through.

Sarah said...

man I really wish you lived next door, those cookies sound awesome, now that I am allowed to eat sweets, it is all I do to keep myself from chowing them all the time. I need my own personal baker!!! :)

Kelita said...

I wish I did too. I wish all my favorite people could live next door...alas.

I love sweets too much. I keep thanking the gods that I can still fit in my jeans but I don't know how long it will last. Luckily I love healthy food too.

Denise said...

Hi Kelly, just caught up with your blog - first time for the New Year - it's a treat for me, you're writing is so refreshingly honest and it's like I can hear the thoughts rumbling from your brain onto the page. Also I love that you spark my interest in reading and trying new recipes. The credenza looks great and that style is back in again you know. You guys are retro chic! wishing you a healthy 2010 full of lovely mundane surprises! oh, P.S. where does "Kelita" come from?

Kelita said...

Hey! I missed you. Mom and my sisters call me Kelita.
HOw is the family? Hope you are all happy and healthy.


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