Thursday, April 10, 2008

hopefulness in a poem

These two are my poem. 

Today's after school snack: plain yogurt with maple syrup and blackberries. So there, "gogurt"!

I think I am feeling better. I was in a funk for a few weeks. Late winter burnout. The sun and warmth, the being outside until dinner everyday is making me feel rejuvenated. I had also started a new b.c pill which I think was also making me a bit nutty. No more of that.

Today I had one of those "I wish I could capture the moment in a poem" feelings. My kids had just eaten dinner and the sunny day din was waning outside (most kids had gone home for their dinners). So finally it was quiet, which is rare near our parts. I have earned the nickname of "universal mother" around here (free fruit, hugs, and positive remarks and plenty of "stop throwing rocks and sticks, slow down, blah blah...). There are often a slew of kids clamoring around our house. Including Henry's newest "bestest" friend who is very sweet, if a bit rough around the edges.
Anyway, my kids had eaten dinner and were crunching apple slices. I could hear the crunching and mixed in with the crunching I could hear a mourning dove crooning. We have a bunch of those doves around here and they are gorgeous. I am looking at my kids whom I hadn't felt angry with all day. They are gorgeous. Between the two of them there were two scraped knees, one scraped temple, one wasp -stung finger, one freckled, slightly pink nose (with a residual morning application  of spf ), one tawny colored nose, one missing tooth, one adult tooth, one super sweaty head, two dust and dirt covered necks and twenty filthy fingernails. If that is not a poem, I don't know what is.

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