Sunday, April 27, 2008

i love you kimchee

Today I splurged on some kimchee while grocery-getting. I am sure I could get it cheaper at the Korean Market, but I did not have time for another stop.
I only got a small jar of it and because I know we are a sour veg/pickle loving family, I purchased some veggies to make some spicy pickle.  
The boys like to pretend to be rabbits in Mr. Mcgregor's garden while stealing some vegetables. I get to use my awful Scottish accent and threaten to put them in a pie. Of course, a radish tower must be made.
I stuffed the veg. into a jar.
Covered the veg, with paprika, hot pepper, ginger and garlic.
Water and vinegar goes on top.

This is not kimchee. I like to call it kimchee inspired. Now that I have been waiting for the bus twice a day for almost a year with my Korean neighbors, I am now very comfortable asking them for an authentic kimchee recipe. Later this week....


Denise said...

I love to read your ideas and recipes! i have never tried to pickle anything but I want to try this - I like spicy stuff more than Bob so this will be a treat for me!

Michaela said...

How long are you going to let this sit before you eat it? You didn't steam close the jar, right?

Denise said...

Kelly, you have some really good ideas, I'm gonna try that. Bob isn't a big fan of spicy or pickled stuff but i like it verrry much!!! Wonderful pics - Better Homes and gardens should hire you as a Home correspondent!

Michaela said...

Kelly, how long are you going to let the veggies sit before you eat them? Did you steam them to seal them? Looks delicious! xo

The Constant C said...

My husband would be so proud!


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