Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rotisserie Chicken, Cabbage salad and roasted red potatoes
After we finished this wine, Matty asked me to get some more ...bitch. I did not slap him.
Gala, Braeburn, Golden and Red Delicious

On Monday we had one of my favorite easy meals. A rotisserie chicken from Wholepaycheck, roasted red potatoes and insalata de Mariana and some great wine (a full bodied grenache with a saucy name). Then we had brownie sundaes, not pictured, and an apple tasting. We love apples and Henry loves to talk about varieties. He knows that Nana loves Red Delicious (ack) which is America's fave and also the one famous for it's role in Snow White. Tall and lovely with creamy yellow flesh, thick bitter skin, no shelf life and a taste that deteriorates rapidly when cooked. He knows that Johnny loves Granny Smith, Auntie Mamy loves a  good Macintosh, Mommy loves Cox 's Orange Pippin which is an heirloom variety that you can find at Little tree (in NY) and small ones farm (in MA) , Auntie Annie loves Pink Ladys, Grandma's fave is eluding me at the moment is it also Granny Smith? Anyway, for Christmas Henry got a gem of a book filled with lovely watercolor illustrations, histories and descriptions of all varieties of apples including popular varieties and lesser known varieties. Did you know that there are at least 4 varieties of apple featuring Uncle Jona's name? There is also a variety called Mollie's Delicious. Whenever possible, we taste and read and learn a bit more about one of our favorite fruits.  


TV Digital said...
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The Constant C said...

Oh man, I remember liking to eat!... When will you get here for the summer? XXO

Ann said...

I am so touched that Henry knows my favorite apple. Particularly given that I sat down to read this blog with a piece of apple pie and ice cream. Other apple trivia for Henry: Apple is the only word Uncle Jona knows in Rana's native tongue (ping guo). The red apple trees in my parents orchard are unknown varietals, but believed to be astricans. The Fuji is my second favorite apple.

Susan said...

An Apple Story

A long time ago there was a girl and a boy....

Mark: So Susan, how are you today?
Susan: I am fine. How are you?
Mark: I am great. Where do you want to live today?
Susan: I want to live in the middle of an apple orchard. (Mark is trying to hide a smile).
Susan: Are you making fun of me!?
Mark: No! I want to keep bees!


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