Thursday, May 22, 2008

Matty's in Montreal, Day one

I am going to keep a brief online journal of the few days (4 days, 3 nights) that Matty is in Montreal presenting at a conference ( go matty!). 

Goals: no yelling, no stitches, have fun

The Status: Today was pretty good and normal so far since we saw him  this morn. I did not yell at the children and only once did I want to. We had cowboy eggs for dinner and yogurt with strawberries. All three of us trekked out ( post dinner) to dispose of the rubbish and recycling. Both boys were in bed and asleep at 7. The dishes are washed, floor is swept, laundry is clean ( and unfolded, some still on drying rack) and mostly in a basket. Henry's room is neat and organized and lovely, as is the kitchen.  The living room is mediocre and needs a vacuuming. The front flower beds have been planted and are thriving. We have plenty of toilet paper and other supplies. Neither of the children are bleeding and both had their baths. I am not drinking right now although I may soon develop diabetic shock due to the amt. of chocolate I have consumed today (all of my preschoolers gave me flowers and chocolates on our last day). 


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