Saturday, May 17, 2008

new bike new books

Henry rides his bike all day. All day. Occasionally he gets off for a snack, a bath, bed or a ride on his scooter. He is allowed to go on quick rides by himself. On very specific routes that don't involve crossing the street. The other day, our neighbor and Henry's constant partner in crime, Keel got a new shiny bike. Henry's devastation was surprising to me. And sort of annying. We thought we had raised him to be a bit less concerned with such things.... but he is only 6. We consoled him by discussing the possibility of a new bike at some point after he kept up certain chores without whining. Matty assured him that he would get a new back wheel (current one was bald from skidding), and perhaps some hand breaks. That calmed him down a bit. The next morning while H. was in school M and E went to used bike shop and found this gorgeous Trek. It cost about twice as much as getting new parts for his old bike. A sweet deal. Needless to say Henry is ecstatic. Getting up early just to ride. He got ready for school in 15 minutes just so he could spend a half hour riding. Our house has been very happy! 

The above photo shouldn't be sideways, sorry....I got these books for my birthday. I am psyched about the fermentation book. Here are some things I plan to make this summer...vinagre de pina (mexican pineapple vinegar), ginger beer, kefir, kishk (a lebanese mixture of yogurt and bulgur), farmer cheese ( the easiest cheese to make at home, I think), miso, kimchi (of course), miso, tempeh, kombucha, sour (brined) pickles  ....I will let you know how all these go... The book has been a lot of fun just to read. I wanted this book after the last fake kimchi recipe ( very yummy after just a couple days soak), and I asked my lovely neighbors but they have packed all recipe books as they are moving. She did tell me she would jot her basic recipe down sometime, but I know she is busy.
I am madly in love with this sewing book. All of the patterns are for sewing and embellishing jersey fabric by hand. I already have a skirt pattern cut out. Let you know how it goes...

Now I have to get ready for a picnic with some friends. Grilled chicken, iced black and zinger teas, fruit salad, tabouleh, chick pea salad, cold vino blanco and pie...good times.

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