Friday, May 30, 2008

north village love

I am having one of my loving the village days. I did my three mile morning walk with Ezra. He was totally fine in the stroller and mostly sang his silly made up songs (some of them involving poop), really loudly. We came home to find Henry on his bike and  Matty on the front porch. Ashley was in the clothing closet (place where we villagers exchange clothes) and I dropped off some stuff and came home with more stuff than I dropped off. Most of it was for the boys, fall duds for next year. Matty washed three loads of laundry and I hung it all up in our backyard line which we share with all the other families. I love hanging up the laundry, and I love that while I hang it up I smell the Moon family's yummy lunch being made and I hear Little Jonathon Avishay whining  in Hebrew and Anna (Peter's lovely mommy) comes out and tells me that she is going to feed Peter and take her stuff off the line so I will have more room. And Nigel pops his head outof E-16 and tells me thanks for watching Keel yesterday morning. This is community. Later, Talaya and Dawn and I are having our ladies night. Woohoo!

P.S The Business of Being Born is on DVD. We just rented it. Sara and I watched it together and she was even mesmerized. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but everyone should watch this movie. 

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