Friday, May 9, 2008

A Lesson

Sometimes I feel that life is a series of lessons. Chapter 1. Learn to breastfeed. Learn your parent's smell. Many Chapters later I am still learning, only the lessons are more complicated and sometimes less beautiful. My latest big lesson involves Henry and The System. In September we began the lengthy I.E.P process. First lesson in this chapter, it should not be lengthy. But it was. When the request from his teacher (for an I.E.P) did not work, I requested one myself. Skip ahead, many months later and I find out today why, after personally dropping off his physical therapy feedback notebook at school and sending note to school requesting feedback, I have not gotten any feedback. Henry has not been having P.T every week. The reason, when I called  the school? "I am sorry, this is not okay. We are understaffed. "

Rage? Deep sadness? Guilt?

I have all of those feelings and more. I am angry at myself for putting up with this lax system for so long.  I feel so naive. I just assumed people would do their jobs, or at least tell me when they couldn't. Nearly a whole school year has passed and very little has happened to help Henry in school. 

So that is why I am going to sit down  drink a beer and wait for the pizza to be delivered this Friday. Have a great weekend. Hopefully Sunday will bring a happy post.

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Ann said...

hey, kel. let me know whether you ever need a hand with this type of stuff. i've had some experience. love,


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