Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Every summer, like a crazy woman I find myself trying to tame some wild chamomile. It is easy enough to find. It tends to like pavement and cracks in the sidewalk. Wild chamomile usually doesn't last long in my garden despite my attempts to mistreat it. Here is some nestled among some rocks and some creeping thyme.
Last night's dinner...

Matt and I vacillate between feeling wealthy and impoverished, indulgent and puritanical, which is why we might have salmon, steamed artichokes, new potatoes, artisanal cheeses and fresh mango for dinner one week and rice and beans two or three nights in a row the next week.  

Last night we were pining for the Finger lakes and we had a relatively inexpensive (for a meat meal) dinner that satisfied that "summer with the family and old friends" feeling. Cornell chicken, garlicky kale and potato salad.

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