Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On Resiliency

I have been thinking about that word lately. How it ebbs and flows in all of us. But mostly I think about my Henry. Is he resilient? I am taking an online class this summer ( Developmental Psych.) and of course the topic of resiliency came up in the first chapter.  

Today was a hectic day for many reasons that I won't bore you with. The fact that it was Wednesday (Henry's early dismissal day), was forgotten by both parents. We got a phone call informing us that Henry had been bussed back to his school. Now, for most kids this might be a bit annoying. For Henry I was sure it would be overwhelming and mortifying. As  soon as Matty got off the phone I was pushing him off the porch to get my terrified baby at his school. I started crying because I felt horrible and negligent. A half hour later I see Henry waving from our car and then moments after that I hear Henry's sneakers pounding the pavement. He was smiling, then laughing. How could this be? I hastily wiped my face and gave him a hug. Matt said that Henry had immediately informed him that he knew that we still loved him even though we forgot to get him at the bus stop. this was a big deal for all of us. Henry has come a long way.


The Constant C said...

Sniff. Sniff. (Bad to cry at work.)

Robert said...

kelly - your blog was the perfect anecdote for a late evening of insomnia and it was fun to catch up even though it would be ten times awesomer to hear it from you in person - i liked your comment on kids and resiliency and i think it's one of the reasons why i found my pediatrics rotation so rewardng and why i've been drawn to working with kids and young adults during my summers and when i've had the opportunities - developmental psych, i thought, was one of the most interesting courses of my limited psychology exposure in undergrad - hopefully it goes up through adulthood and beyond as i recall its lessons in understanding my parents and grandparents frequently - lastly i hope the boys are both healthy these days and that the spring has reinvigorated you and matt - i know i feel as if i've "woken up" each spring from some sort of coma without realizing how humdrum i had become in the cold - i continue to aspire to someday graduating and being out of school... b


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