Sunday, June 1, 2008

this weekend

When Ezra dons this cape he becomes "superman Ezra" and I magically become "superman mom", that is what he calls me, seriously.

E. got his first "big boy haircut".
Henry and Keel call this their tree and like to fight about who gets the best spot.
Henry loves pulling Ezzie along in this trailer we just inherited. 
Friday night out with my girlfriends was lots of fun, we saw SATC and got some Asian fusion for dinner. Two potlucks this weekend, in a row.  Early morning walks. Lots of sunshine. Hope your weekend was full and happy too. 

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The Constant C said...

Superman mom is the best title ever!

Also--the waiting is over. We're going public with the news. I'll blog post soon, but feel free to talk freely.




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