Wednesday, April 14, 2010

books and chocolate

The above book by Steig Larsson, unreleased in the U.S, just came to me from Amy!!!!! Woohoo. God love Amazon U.K. I was waxing on about this series over the holidays, remember?

This book will be a birthday present for me, I am sure of it.
This chocolate, espresso and green tea will help me get through the next two weeks. In which I have to write/design a case study Power Point Presentation, a program for transitioning youth with L.D into Middle school an accompanying presentation, and a math curriculum unit.
I am doing okay though! Look ma, no hives!


Dreamland Comics and Art Emporium said...

So, I bought The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I enjoyed it, but honestly didn't love it. Too much Sadism. But, I LOVE the Charlaine Harris books. They are different enough from the shows that you can enjoy them in their own right. And, well, you must know how I feel about chocolate. And anything that you need to finish the semester with grace. OR your sanity...

Kelita said...

Too much sadism. HA! I laugh in the face of sadism.

Just kidding. But Somehow it does not bother me at all in a book.

But wait is this Jim Stingray Garmhausen or Laurie on his computer, because I am not sure I know how Jim feels about chocolate. But I know Laurie loves it. AND I know Laurie bought the first Larsson book BUT Jim may have borrowed it. ANd yet. I would not have pictured Jim reading the Charlaine Harris novels and was unaware that Laurie was reading them too.

The tone of the writing sounds like Laurie. AND LOVE is written in caps like Laurie would.

But you both spend a lot of time together.

I cannot stand the suspense!!

I am over thinking this and need to get the kids to bed.


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