Friday, April 16, 2010

Kim Nestor- Carlino

A view from a recent installation, Kim Nestor -Carlino

Watercolor by Kim Nestor-Carlino

My friend Kim just got some of her work into a gallery in Chelsea! May 4th-15th at 508 W. 26 St., Suite 315. The reception is May 7th , 6-7.
I am so excited for her! Plus I get to go to the opening because I will be in NYC visiting Amy and Laura that same weekend! Check out Kim's blog.

Kim hosts the craft nights that Helen and I go to once a month. They are really special affairs where we often get little crafting done but lots of snacking and gabbing. Best of all, we all live in N.V literally seconds walking distance from each other. So if I feel like having some beer, the worst thing that can happen is a bit of a stumble trip on the way home. Not that I have EVER done that.

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Laura L. said...

Very cool, maybe I will go with you to see the show!


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