Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Right Now

This picture has nothing and everything to do with this post

Hold on, I am about to wax philosophical...

How many times do you have to remind yourself to live in the now. That your life is right now. It is not this coming Friday when that presentation you have been sweating over is done. It is not in a month or so when your zinnias are 2 ft. tall, it is not when you are done with graduate school and can finally recycle your Food stamp card, it is not when your kids put themselves to bed.

It is now.

But sometimes NOW hurts a little bit. School. Tantrums. Deep of Winter. School.

Yet, I feel pretty good about this living in the now bit, for the most part. I think it has to do with enjoying just being outside doing almost nothing (which means trying to read a book/garden) while my kids run around and play, I have never been someone who needs to be busy all the time. But, I think it mostly has to do with having babies and hearing over and over again how FAST they grow by EVERYBODY. Seriously, it helped. If you told me that, I thank you. It is true.

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