Monday, February 4, 2008


Bloom Gewerztraminer (sp.?) comes in a very pretty bottle and I must say the flavor is quite sharp, citrusy and refreshing. The sweetness is tempered quite nicely by the lemony zing.

I absolutely do not have a drinking problem. Would anyone who knows me really worry about that? I don't think so. But it is Monday and although my beloved in laws left me feeling a bit refreshed and rejuvinated, it is hard to get back into the swing of things. It's Monday...and Henry and Ezra are my sons. Matt has class until 10:00. So, I am having a glass. I drink mostly whites 'cause reds don't last long enough and although the NYTimes recently tried to convince me to put my reds in the fridge, I am not convinced. I like my reds room temp.

A half an hour ago, before my two monkeys started burying their plastic dinosaur collection in a mass of playdough, I caught Henry lost in music. His eyes were a bit glazed and he was moving his mouth and slouching and swaying his little frame in that way he does when he hears music he likes. I absolutely love to see it. He was listening to 'When Your Minds Made Up "( the very end) from the Once sdtrk. Can you tell we've been listening to that a lot? I know it came out last year but that is how we are around here!

I am going to try to blog a little less and do more.

I have a stack of future paintings (masonite board) that needs to be gessoed and I just ordered some fabric for spring skirts
(thanks to my "inheritance" heh heh..) from reprodepot... Susan, they have lovely fabric there and lots of Marimecko (sp.) which I know you like. Plus, I still haven't finished my curtains...

Leftovers are calling...


Jen said...

OOOhh, a stack of masonite boards! Keep us posted on your paintings... :o)


The Constant C said...

Don't blog less!!!

Kelly Carlisle said...

I'll try to keep up but I sometimes feel like I need more interesting blog material....Speaking of blogging less... you have some work to do tina!


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