Friday, February 15, 2008


Today's Schedule

6:30..wake up to Ezra vomiting on top of me. Matt is battling an achy cold so change sheets, clothes, wipe off child, prepare for next river of puke with towels and bucket.

7... Ezzie seems okay so take hot shower. Organize laundry..wash hands again.

7:15... H. wakes up, get him dressed while he stares at Mr.Rogers that sick child is watching. Pour his cereal. Make avocado pita sandwich for his lunch.

7:40...Brush H.'s teeth and remember that 24 cupcakes need to be frosted, check on sick child. Sick child stilll has glazed expression while watching PBS.

8:00...Frost 24 mini cupcakes (hard to frost tiny cupcakes quickly, very messy). Monitor H's getting dressed for bus.

8:10...Go outside for bus.

8:15..Wave nonstop (as requested) until bus rounds corner.

8:25...Check on sick child and sick and grumpy husband.

8:35.. Check email and hear Rose's voice...forward to several special people ( if I missed you it is not that you are not special) and accidentally forward to Rosie...

8:45...go to Wholepaycheck for grapes, pirate booty and sparkling lemonade for school birthday snack..

We had a great snack at school. I love visiting Henry in his class. I just did all the laundry. I have been having good bittersweet thoughts of Rosie all day. It is sunny outside. My parents are coming for the weekend. I guess my life is okay.


The Constant C said...


The Rose piece was very sweet and sad, and made me somewhat weepy. Not that that's hard.

Kelly Carlisle said...

I find that I constantly have to remind myself that she is really not physically here. I actually started writing that I needed to call her on a to do list the other day. We used to talk at least once a month. It made me weepy to. I feel like I haven't had a spaceto scream and cry like I need to. Like there is a well inside me that keeps filling up despite crying every few days.... I wonder if the well ever empties.... I am guessing it won't completely but I don't know.

The Constant C said...

I wish I had something deep and important to say to that. I don't. Just that... well, maybe the fact that she isn't physically here isn't the important thing. Like you said to Henry, you can still call her.

Sh*t. There I go bubbling again.


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