Friday, February 8, 2008

sweater love

susan made this sweater for henry. ezzie wears it a ton, as did henry. i feel bad that i never sent susan a pic of the boys in it. so, here it is. it accidently got into the dryer once but is holding up beautifully. And you couldn't have picked a more beautiful color susan!


Susan said...

Yay! It looks great and I am glad it has stayed together since it was my first attempt at knitting a sweater. Now in the process of making booties for the new little man that is soon to arrive. And Kelly! Thanks for the info on the fabric - love it.

Sarah said...

Wonderful blog! Your sons are absolutely adorable! I found it through Jen Zalewski's blog. I also love bend the rules sewing book, I wish I had more time to actually do some of the projects! Hope you are well! Sarah (Centeno) Schreiber

Sarah said...

ps. I got to your blog about your new job, which probably isn't so new anymore, and i was so excited to see that it is a Reggio school. We studied that in my teaching credential program, and I thought it was awesome and it made me wish for a bit that I was going into teaching preschool!

Kelly Carlisle said...

I noticed some Sarahs as I posted on Jen's blog and was hoping one was you and that we would reconnect. I just checked out your blog. You live in such a beautiful place....Looks like you have a nice life..... I don't want to teach preschool forever but I do love the Reggio philosophy. I bet you are one of the cool teachers at your school!


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