Wednesday, February 13, 2008

M: I can't believe she said yes... she is the coolest girl in school, she was homecoming queen and she did cattle-judging in 4-H

Our Very First Date

This is Matty and I in highschool. Are we not cute and kinda dorky in a sweet way? We had no idea that in just 15 years we would be discussing what size diaper to buy and whether organic potatoes are worth the extra money.

I bought Matty the Bogey and Bacall dvd set for Valentine's day. He is madly in love with Lauren Bacall which is fine with me. He is supposed to get me" An Affair to Remember" which I will make him watch with me. I can't believe he has never seen it. That will be our date. We don't usually do anything beyond chocolates but we did our taxes early this year and went all out!

Henry and I finished the Valentines. He wrote every name on them and signed each one. I was so impresssed with how he could read each name and how he knew just what bracelet was right for each of his classmates. He was so pleased with the results.

Oh and when Maggie B. came (the babysitter and my brothers girlfriend) I got my hair trimmed and decided to get bangs again....Don't I finally look 30? Do I look older than 30? I am always surprised when I get my hair blown dry and combed out. I feel like I need a caravan and some kids...but I guess now I have everything but the van...and I really am more of a wagon girl.



Sarah said...

your hair looks wonderful! I recently decided to take the bangs plunge which I haven't had since junior high! all my students at school were complementing me on it so either it makes me look older or more cool? or they are just nice kids?

The Constant C said...

I like the bangs. I like bangs in general.. sadly, however, its one of those things that black girl hair just doesn't accommodate well. I hope our kids get Mark's hair.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kelly Carlisle said...

Even my white girl hair doesn't perfectly accommodate the bangs.... I have to put them in a clip until they dry, blow dry them (I don't even own a blow dryer) or I look sort of silly... Happy Vaentine's day to you guys!

Jen said...

Great haircut! :o)



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