Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Popcorn and Valentines

Sometimes the only thing that will hit the spot is popcorn with nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. It is also a good workout if you make it on the stove.

Henry and I are making valentines for his class. We have been making homemade valentines for three years now. This year we decided to make friendship bracelets too. Just a few beads on some ric rac... How do you even spell ric rac? Is there a "k" involved? If only the correct spellings of notions were my worst problem. This afternoon I made a big mommy mistake when I found out Henry had not taken his folder out of his bag at school. I had a note for his teacher in there volunteering to take the class pet for a week ( Freddy, the hamster). I told Henry this and he was devastated. His teacher said the first one to send in a note could take the pet for a week. Poor H. was devastated. His friend Dante came over for a playdate and he said he was " too sad". I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West! To make it up to him I told him he could get a pet fish.


laurie said...

Its 6am and I need to be writing lesson plans, but you are NOT a bad mommy. I'll sacrifice my own reputation here on your blog to admit that when I brought Noni over to your house when you lived here and I was farming, she was always cleaner, better fed and more emotionally engaged when I came to pick her up. I think that you ask yourself to do things for your kids that the rest of us might not dream of. Even when you fail you are still head and shoulders above the rest of us (or at least those of us like me).

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thank you.


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