Friday, February 8, 2008


Today has already proven to be an adventure so far with an ill, single mother (deadbeat dad), car-less, student, neighbor needing to go the to Vet. hospital 40 min. away and me, having an important Henry mtg. at 10. The woman above whom I unfairly presented as a statistic is a hero in my book and we help her as much as we can. Since my immune system is barely recovering from a stomach bug, Matt dropped her off and came home, I immediately left for the mtg. and came home and Matt immediatly left to pick her up. I relayed this to Sharon earlier and she seemed impressed with us for helping her so much. Which almost surprises me because she and Paul are basically volunteer social workers. I only hope I can help half the people they do. And my own parents have always been the type to help anyone less fortunate. My mom basically adopted the whole Old Order Amish community in the North country, driving them to bus stations, giving them diapers, secretly doing laundry for overworked moms. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for new moms. If any new mom in a 500 mile radius needs a thing she is there. My dad too, has always been a good role model that way. Don't admire anything of his aloud or he will force it upon you. So, I guess I almost feel like I don't have a choice. I don't do much and I think when most people are offered the chance to help they will. I had this strange fascination as a child with being a saint. Did you know this mom and dad? Probably not, because I remember being very dissapointed as a young girl when I figured that I didn't have tha
t"gift". I almost couldn't control my naughtiness at times. And I was very creatively naughty. I think the most infamous story involves me tricking my younger brother (who was fascinated with forbidden koolaid at the time) into thinking the blood (from my nosebleed) and water in a dixie cup was the sweet drink. Sorry, I know that's really disgusting.

The pre-I.E.P mtg for Henry went well. Individualized Education Program (he may or may not need one). I popped into his classroom and his teacher said he is doing better and again she mentioned how bright he is. She said he scored super high on whatever inteligence test they gave him. So it is not an academic problem. She really seems to delight in him. He behaves like a saint... ha ha. He is reading in school. Which I wondered about, he is reading a bit at home but he tires of it quickly (esp.during the week). I think he just still loves to be read to.

Today is Friday. We always make pizza on Fridays. I am hoping to document the pizza-making. We think our pizza is pretty good.

p.s couldn't resist adding a picture of my hand sanitizer...and the leaves around a garden border rock (my favorite rock) outside our door.

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Jen said...

Okay, the bloody nose-Kool Aid story is the best EVER! That totally beats my best kid story of whipping my brother with a belt (until he had welts) for stealing my Michael Bolton tape, LOL.

I hope you are feeling better!

Susan's sweater for the boys is beautiful. I wish I could knit like that.... I can barely crochet, and badly at that...



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