Thursday, March 13, 2008

the babysitter

Henry and Ezra are lucky to be loved by a multitude of relatives and close friends, many of whom have looked after them from time to time. In fact it was only fairly recently that I started paying a babysitter to watch them. Not many people fit my long list of credentials, one of them requiring that you be either a blood relative, life-long friend or have a name that comes from one of our favorite children's books. Maggie B. fits that last credential, and if you have never read The Maggie B. by Irene Haas (also one of Auntie Michaela's faves and introduced to us by her) find it and read it immediately.

The boys love Maggie. By Thursday they are already looking forward to seeing her (she comes every Wednesday). Maggie is beautiful and sweet and smart and clearly enjoys being with them. She also happens to be cousin-auntie Sara's bff and Curt's girlfiend, although I think Henry might be crushed if he understood that.

We are just relieved that her name is not Farmer Small, Grinch, Yummy Yucky or Miss Spider. That would be sort of wierd.

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