Monday, March 10, 2008


Does everyone here know "MABUBBA"? Ezra's most prized word. He invented it before he could articulate much of anything. At the time " Ba" meant everything from "ball" to "airplane" to "breast milk". Then he started saying " Mah" instead of "nap" when he was tired (it has always been hard for him to differentiate the "n" and " m" sounds). Soon enough, he put them together to make "mabubba".


There is a touch of the bittersweet here, I will admit. I don't plan to have anymore babies out of this body. There is a FAINT chance we may adopt someday and I know if I tried hard enough I might be able to nurse an adopted baby (yes it is possible,but that is another story) . Most likely this is the end of the line for my mams. It is ironic really. When Ezzie was born he was tongue tied and nursing was excruciating. I bled! I wept on the phone to LLL leaders, I spent weeks pumping and bottle feeding through the night before I figured out the problem and found a doctor who would clip his frenulum (another story). Much later, at a LLL meeting I got a round of applause for not giving up. It never really crossed my mind. I absolutely had to nurse that baby. Months later, after the frenulum was clipped (no blood, no pain) and he was nursing pain-free, I was convinced he would wean himself early because he didn't nurse constantly like Henry had to. Years later here we are and he is addicted. Yes, folks we need an intervention.

So, anyone out there who has plenty of free time and wants to live in the Pioneer (Happy) Valley in a closet with the constant threat of cockroaches, two little boys who like to fight, can't stop moving and making noise and is happy to stay up all night with a very cute, pudgy-cheeked and stubborn two year old who wants "mabuba" and will call you a "dumb guy " if you don't give it to him.... come over. I will bake you cookies.


Denise said...

Oh Kelly I just had to smile! I'd love to kiss those pudgy cheeks of Ezzie's and what a hoot! Just like potty training - one day it'll just be different - mububba will be a thing of the past. oh, I need to tell you - I had just rented Into The Wild (Netflix) and Bob and I watched it tonight - it is haunting and sad - I wanted Alex to have this sudden realization and share all he learned but then I guess it wouldn't have made the impact it did to those of us watching from the "real" world seats.

Kelly Carlisle said...

I know. As a mother, you just can't watch it without thinking of your own children and the pain of them disappearing willingly like that. Mom had heard about it and won't even let herself see it.

The Constant C said...

Oh man, I would love to come eat cookies and be called a dumb guy! Stupid jobs!


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