Monday, March 17, 2008

new look

yes, i miss the orange but we all have to grow up sometime. thanks to matty for helping me figure out the gosh darn banner thing. the banner image is a detail from a series of paintings I am working on. all of the paintings involve images of birds (in this case a mourning dove). anyone out there with good photos of birds send them over. the "series" is mostly in my head right now so maybe i shouldn't use that word yet!



Sarah said...

we have TONS of great bird pictures, Josh is an avid birder and photographer, so the combination results in lots of pictures of birds with various fancy lenses! I realized I don't have your email? so if you would like me to send some to you send me an email so I can get them to you!
sarah, love, love the videos and the spring tree..

Jen said...

Great new look... can't WAIT to see the painting finished!!! I just love your work. :o)


The Constant C said...

Wow--that looks great.


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