Saturday, March 22, 2008

egg craziness

Don't you love a good frittata? Especially in summer when you can throw some fresh chives and thyme or what have you in there. With a salad or even just the croutons ( the salad did not get made this Thursday in our house), a frittata is a simple to make and satisfying meal.

We finished the last batch or fridge pickles and I reserved the vinegar and threw in more veg.

The boys and I decorated eggs today.

I am tired.


Denise said...

Kelly, that is a beautiful meal!!!! makes me hungry to look at it. you seem to have a knack for transforming ordinary into splendid..... how do you make sure the eggs will not get too runny - it looks so uniform, like a quiche - is everything mixed together first and then put into the fry pan? any advice will be gratefully accepted. love aunt Denise

Al Sharpson said...

Dear Aunt Denise,

I am going to get your email from my mom, or you can have her send it to me. And I will give you the recipe...


Denise said...

Hi Kelly, my Email is - I need to lose weight and Bob and I both are on meds for high cholesterol so I need to try some "healthier " stuff and your cooking looks scrumptious besides being healthy. Thank you!!!

Kelly Carlisle said...

who the hell is al sharpson


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