Thursday, September 11, 2008

antidote to cyber-fantasy

Sometimes, after perusing my favorite craft blogs, I want to gag or shoot myself. How do these attractive women knit, sew their children's clothing, bake artisanal bread, make homemade cheese, put up veg. and fruit, homeschool their children, use only organic cloth diapers,  read interesting books, sell items on etsy, keep only natural products/toys in their house and wake up in the morning to blog about it all while sipping their fair trade $15/lb. coffee? I admit their are days when I aspire to the same lifestyle but honestly the truth mostly ain't that pretty. I sometimes yell at my children. Ezra has been completely naked for 15 min. now and I have no idea where his clothing is. The same blue laundry basket has been sitting in front of the tube for a week now, only it is much less full. I can't seem to keep socks together. My bathroom needs to be scrubbed. I haven't finished a project in a reasonable amt. of time (reasonable being less than 8 mo.) in years. I know that circumstances must be similar for these women and yet... maybe it isn't . They have me mostly fooled. It can be depressing. Its similar to the feeling an average mother of two gets when she is standing in line at the grocery store in dirty jeans and teeshirt and she notices the glossy mags with celebrity moms sporting their pilates toned, macrobiotic, smoker induced, six pack torsos draped with sling baby, splashed across the cover. But I am not bitter, at all.  


The Constant C said...

My house is filthy, and it's not like I'm not trying. I haven't finished an essay in forever. Mark has held down the garden single handedly. I can match socks, but that may in fact be my one claim to fame. I don't exercise, even though I know I'm supposed to. Half the time I eat a sandwich for dinner. I don't even have two kids yet. I do work well more than full time, what with the day job and teaching. Still, I can't keep up with my life. Not remotely.

Kelly Carlisle said...

So it is not just me!!!!Awesome, er, I mean sorry.


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