Friday, September 5, 2008

school clothes shopping

Back in the day, mom used to take my siblings and I shopping for supplies and some new duds in the fall. I remember vividly, the excitement I would feel at the prospects of wearing something Amy hadn't worn before. Mostly we would hit Salvation Army or other thrift stores. Nowadays, my mom and mom-in -law get most of the clothing for my kids. Most of  what they wear is inherited. I like that. I love reusing or making what we wear, even if a skirt takes me 6 months to make, even if my homemade hats look like breasts. And yet, I still like to dream. I do love pretty frocks. Bright colors etc. And shoes. I only own 8 pairs of shoes, including boots and sandals. But I would happily own a few lets me dream for a few materialistic minutes of these other possibilities...

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