Thursday, September 18, 2008


A lot has happened this week. Henry started vision therapy. He loved it and asked to go every day.  We do home therapy every day anyway, he likes that a bit less. He continues to love school. They both went to the dentist and everything there went swimmingly as well. We still struggle daily with sibling rivalry and general chaos. I often wonder what I am doing wrong. Sometimes I know what I am doing wrong. I try to be positive though and look on the bright side. Ezra is in his own bed until 5 am 90 % of the time. Both boys love school. My job is okay. I almost typed that "my job is not painful" but it can be. Today, Julia hit me really hard in the face with a wooden cupcake, ouch. Other notable positive things: We have some friends. We are not homeless. Our family genuinely loves each other.

 I think we are all experiencing PhD burnout.
Fall is beautiful here and it is starting to show. Henry and I visit m sisters in Beantown this weekend. We are both excited.

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