Friday, September 26, 2008

Henry's drawings

Not long ago I was a bit saddened by the realization that H. was not drawing as much as he used to. We literally spent an hour or two a day drawing when he was younger. I realize this is not normal for a two year old. I loved it. One of my motivations for our trip to Boston was to coerce him to draw a bit more. Somehow, weeks ago during the planning stages of the trip, Henry started drawing a lot again.  In kindergarten he departed from his attempts at realism and began to draw what he called"designs". Lately he is drawing elaborate"computers". Honestly, I would rather he draw forests, animals etc. Is he drawing computers because we spend a lot of time on the computer? Because he wants to spend time on the computer? I probably allow him 15 min. screen time per week. Regardless, they are pretty cool. Aside from the lap tops he has been designing, he has been drawing portraits and skyscrapers. More on that later... 

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