Thursday, September 18, 2008

bag lady

Thanks to TinyHappy for shoulder bag tutorial.

Thanks to Angry Chicken and her bookBend the Rules Sewing- Amy Karol, for tote bag directions.

I often joke that I am a bag lady. I love bags. I don't collect them but I fill them. I have that great Aunt Ethel habit of wanting to stash rolls from the neighbors barbi in my hobo. I keep mints, gum, pens (including drawing pens), a pad, a bright green mini moleskin, lip balm, eye liner, tissues, an energy bar ( to split betwix the kids), quarters, band aids, sunscreen, sun glasses, a diaper, some wipes, many other things that would bore you to death.  I am starting to feel like Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club. Sometimes, as a challenge , I use a tiny purse or clutch. It is quite refreshing. I also like making bags. I try pretty hard to not make bags that are too hippy dippy but I don't buy fabric for them so I am limited to using scraps, old curtains and holey blankets. This latest tote bag was made from my fave pair of jeans (sigh) that I recently made into shorts. The lining fabric is a patchwork made using skirt fabric scraps and  my bright red curtains that mysteriously became covered with bright blue silly puddy. I cut out the blue spots. The red bag is made from scraps I had lying around as well.


Kelly Carlisle said...

yes, i am a bag lady

Kelly Carlisle said...

matty, is that you?

The Constant C said...

Lol. I love the red bag... Someday I'll try a bag...


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