Monday, September 15, 2008

Lois Lenski

Monday is going to be children's book series day. Every Monday I will try to highlight some of our family's favorite writers and illustrators. Today I have chosen Lois Lenski.  Lois's  illustrations are simple, and classic.   She started writing the Mr. Small books in the late forties and they still have a strong appeal to kids. Henry had quite an attachment to Cowboy Small. It was this book that inspired two yr. old Henry to tell me that my breastmilk tasted like chuck wagon coffee. They are a tad dated in the way that you would expect books written in the 1940s to be, but not overly so. They are a bit smaller which both of my boys appreciate. Ezra likes to sleep with small books instead of an animal. The books we have are new editions in full color. I love the palettes they chose. 

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