Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A painting of Molly's.
Amy's living room.

Fish n chips at the Black Rose.

He did not finish this.
Indian food with Nicole, Molly and Mamie.
I guess this bears repeating? Damn blogger.

This past weekend, Henry and I went on a weekend date to Boston. I picked him up early from school and  we took the commuter rail. We spent Friday night with Molly in swanky Brookline, where she shares an apt. with a slew of Mt. Holyoke Track team alum. Saturday night was spent in a Portuguese neighborhood of Cambridge where  Amy resides. We had a fabulous time. We walked a ton, ate delicious Indian food,  and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. The highlight might have been visiting the stellar playground near Amy's apt., that or the enormous lollipop I bought for Henry.  

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Sarah said...

looks like a great time, I have to admit that playground looks awesome, I want one like that near my house!


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