Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Not much to say. I hadn't much sleep the night before, so I did not make my colcannon. Ezra was a grump all day and had a record three tantrums, and he made a hole in the wall at school (that's another post). Anyone have any tips on raising a defiant 3 yr. old?the costumes were great. Thanks mom.


Denise said...

There is something that reminds me of your Dad when I see the photos of Henry and I see your Mom when I look at Ezra. Anyone else make similar observations? I love the costumes - you guys are so talented in that family!!!!

Kelly Carlisle said...

yes. Most people see my dad with Henry. Most see my mom and matt's big brother with Ezzie. My mom is the seamstress!!She rocks.


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