Sunday, November 9, 2008

miele a la mark

Sunday morning breakfast for the boys. Honey from uncle Mark's bees, pears from grandma and grandpa's trees, plain yogurt and two sticky faced boys who love it. 

Thanks for the honey Marko. Happy Birthday Michaela, we miss you so much it hurts. xoxoxoxo 


mayaluna said...

What a lovely breakfast! Nothing better than knowing the source... how wonderful that it was all from your family.

Kelly Carlisle said...

Okay so you are famous to me. The honey actually came from hives in Moravia, NY which is close to Ithaca where you are from. I read your blog and am from that area as well. (I love Mama Goose and Gimme coffee!) Thanks for a great blog. My good friend and I love to read it.


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