Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Perks of having an artsy mama

I just ignored my children for nearly two hours. It helped that the neighbors daughter lied to me and said her parents weren't home when she got off the bus (I later found out they were) she played with the boys for over an hour. There is something to that "three is company" thing.  I suddenly had an urge to edit a painting I started over a year ago that was just collecting dust. While I was painting and ignoring the sound of the fridge opening and closing (it's okay there is nothing poisonous in there), I was thinking about how lucky my kids are...

They never have a shortage of art supplies, in fact they are inundated with them. 
I don't care if they go to bed with paint on their hands.
If I am painting/sewing or drawing they can open the fridge and eat as much as anything they want, including the cheese they pigged out on... I still don't care, I got to paint.    
What other bathroom has paintbrushes and toothbrushes sitting in the same container?


Michaela said...

Oh my gosh, that painting is gorgeous! I love the color!

Kelly Carlisle said...

gee, thanks. It's not quite done yet, esp. since Ezra stuck his finger in a wet flower and added his own touch. At east I am not using oils lately (for that very reason).

Jen said...

Wow, what a beautiful painting! Love it!



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