Saturday, November 1, 2008

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike...

Matt is obsessed with bikes and bike culture and it has spread, just a little, to the rest of the family. He asked me awhile back to post some photos of our bikes on my blog.  He probably won't be satisfied with the pictures I am posting and I will end up changing them, that is how nuts he is about bikes. He really loves the Peugot that my dad gave him, it is vintage and was purchased in France and brought over here. It has a working light that is powered by the wheels. Henry has a Trek, it is red. I have an old brown bike and I am too lazy to go look and see what kind it is.  Ezra has a mini two-wheeler with training wheels attached that he used to pedal on. Now he rides a motorcycle that he has learned to coast/balance on. We love our inherited bike trailer. We have used it every weekend for several weekends and Matty uses it to pick Ezra up at school, weather permitting. We just came home form the Farmer's Mkt. I hauled both kids in the trailer nearly two miles there and back again.  I feel very healthy inside after that trip and eating two gigantic carrots with my lunch. 

The kids packed their back packs for the trip. I let them each have a lolli ( from Halloween loot) on the way there on the way back they were busy consuming pear and yogurt smoothies from the local dairy farm/orchard and scones from a local bakery and sporting their new Obama pins. Lucky kids, I didn't have enough money to get myself anything but a bunch of carrots which I scarfed down with a ton of guacamole when we got home. 

Even though we live in a super liberal/crunchy area full of eco-minded people, we still get lots of smiles and comments while we are trailing along. It can be a lot of fun. Especially when I hear the kids talking about how strong I am in the back seat...

Henry: Mom is so strong and fast.

Ezra: Yeah but we go faster with daddy.

Henry: But dad is bigger and mommy made us.

Ezra: Mom  is so fast.

Me: Yes, I am and sort of magical too, like all mommies. Mommies can make people.

Henry: Cool

Ezra: Yeah, cool. 

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