Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It Don't Git Much Better Than This

That is what my dad likes to say. Maybe if you have never in your life had an appreciation for the good 'ol pbj you would not like this. Imagine two warm homemade pancakes, a thick layer of melty, crunchy, peanut butter on one side and a gooey layer of homemade concord grape jam on the other (Concord being my favorite and the grapiest of grapes). Thanks to grandma Sharon for the preserves and Matty for the famous flying flapjacks (one of which flew on the floor and two of which flew on the table).


Denise said...

Ahh Kelly ....made me smile ...and recall a hot summer afternoon back in Henderson KY - Bob and I set out 2 low beach chairs and postioned the sprinkler so it would hit just below our chins - we idled away the afternoon watching the kids on their slip-n-slide while sipping home made pina coladas. "Doesn't git much better than this" - we said to our neighbors as they walked past us.

Kelly Carlisle said...

I am going to do that one day. Pina coladas + slip n slide =good times.


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