Sunday, November 9, 2008

handmade love

The Holiday Season is upon us. Luckily, many families (both sides of mine included) have begun to pick one family member to exchange gifts with or maybe just fill stockings. For better or worse, I attempt to make my giftee's present every year. It is fun for me and my family tells me they prefer handmade. They really seem to love handmade except for the year that I made rice hotters (Rose coined that term) for everyone that had an unpleasant smell. Last year I made Amy a perfectly imperfect quilt. For those of you who don't have the time or creative energy and you still want to give gifts, shop at etsy.

These custom vegan Kimiko flats are from Hydraheart

Etsy is an online community of artists and craftspeople. It is surprising how many beautiful handmade items are out there. You can also find vintage/thrifted items at etsy.
Fingerless gloves from corpseknit
Dauphine cameo from JenniferRydineDesigns
Tote from yorktownroad
plush doll from caracarmina
felt flower headband for women and babies from louandlee

It is a wonderful thing when people start to understand the value of handmade things. We are so surrounded by mass produced everything that these homemade things of beauty really stand out. I love the idea of supporting artists. Vote with your dollar. If you don't have any money to vote, make something. 

And speaking of voting and non-mass produced items. DId any of you hear our president elect's little speech on Friday? He was asked what kind of dog he and his family wanted to get for the White House. He said that he and his family are committed to getting a shelter dog. COuld he be any more perfect? 


Sarah said...

I just started buying stuff from etsy, there is so much, and all so beautiful! I have decided that I am going to try to buy all Christmas gifts from there this year! (which means no store shopping, hooray!)

Kelly Carlisle said...

Stores, shmores. I agree. Etsy has so many beautiful things and it feels good to support people and not huge corporations. I am mostly making things but I did make one Etsy purchase for Matt's gift.

Sarah said...

I am asking for sewing machine for Christmas, hopefully I will get it! I have one, but it is an OLD, almost antique one from my grandma, and I love it but every time I try to use it I end up just cursing at it and giving up....then maybe I can start making gifts....but then there is the whole time thing, I think sewing would be a perfect procrastination from grading papers. I feel silly even talking about time, you have way less time than me and make all sorts of awesome no excuses for me!!!

Kelly Carlisle said...

I actually haven't made anything in one fell swoop in weeks. I start something and it might get done 2-3 weeks later ie.bibs. In fact, I am already streamlining my xmas project list 'cause I may not have time to make it all. I do love sewing though. And in winter, when you are not gardening and you are holed up in your house, you will find more time for it, I am sure.


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